olgazamora.com: About

As an artist, I am interested in pursuing an experimental approach to working with photographic images and also using them as designs for paintings.

In my tree photographs and painting series, I play with and accentuate the inherent anthropomorphism of trees. I may highlight a suggestion of a human form, accentuate an emotion displayed by the configuration of the tree or take it out of its environment altogether. I also use the tree forms in abstract paintings so viewers can react to the painting’s design qualities of colour and dynamic movement.

In my “Angel” series, I push beyond (though retain some of) the common features of cemetery sculpture photography, with its emphasis on the sculpture’s classical or gothic aspects. I remove the angel statues from their environment and place them in the world outside the cemetery context. They can be in forests, by the sea, on mountain tops, or against dramatic skies. The expressions and postures of the angels change their meaning in these different contexts and are open to new interpretations by the viewer.

Over the past several years, my photographs and paintings have been accepted in a number of juried exhibitions.